Workcover will use social media against you where possible

Hot tip straight from the cockroaches’ mouths: every and any information the “worker” makes public can be used as evidence against a workers compensation claim!!!

Nothing will potentially sink your wokcover claim faster than a picture of you rock climbing, cycling, dancing, swimming, whatever, whilst too injured to perform “light duty work”. Some injured workers will post these type of pictures on their Facebook pages and the date stamp will be on it too!

Workcover will use the information on your social media pages against you

When workcover insurers (or the employer) questions the validity of a workcover claim, or seeks a way to cut of a benefit/treatment/whatever, they can hire a private investigator to check out an injured worker’s personal blog, Twitter account, Facebook, MySpace, Flickr (photo sharing) and/or LinkedIn pages. Or the case manager, or the employer can do it pretty much for free with a little time and effort, because the internet has an enormous amount of information – yes, on just about everyone, even you! Many private investigators will perform virtual searches as well as “in the field” searches (actual surveillance) – there are even specialised investigative firms that specialise in virtual surveillance only!

In addition to searching personal social media sites, they will also search Google, Bing and yahoo and will conduct searches related to everything, even YouTube videos.

There are even pay sites that are used and for $2 to $5 will conduct a web search for them and compile the information about the injured worker. Search engines like and can scour the web for the workcover vulture and provide potentially heaps of information about you.

Some injured workers will not necessarily post anything discriminating about themselves,however, the most disgusting part is that workcover will track down your friends who will post something about you (i.e.a picture or a little quote about a fun cycling trip, whatever- even if that trip was before the accident). And whilst one can argue that this is an invasion of privacy, apparently the defense lawyers can obtain such incrimination evidence and use it in a court of law.

The other very important thing to know is that the workcover vultures will NOT tell you that they have some “incriminating” evidence against you, because if they did, you bloody well would make sure it disappeared. So, they will use it at the very last minute, in conjunction with whatever other crap they can come up with, to cut you off or deny a settlement.

Please ERASE or DEACTIVATE your Facebook account NOW – it’s just not worth the “risk” or the pain of having to “prove” that the “incrimination” picture or the “comment from your friend” was about something before the injury, whatever.


Set up a fake email account (use hotmail or something like that) to then set up Twitter account and other stuff if you like.

I have just deactivate my Facebook account 30 minutes ago, until I heard this information – especially the bit about “tracking down your friends which could equally be your enemies by the way”.

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  1. I thought I had become paranoid already, what with we being treated like criminals (presumed guilty at all times) and the surveillance and what-not, but now THIS! Bloody HELL! Just cos we were injured at work – Jesus, it’s not like we’re pedophiles or gangsters… OM(f)G!

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