Requesting copies of your documents under the freedom of information act

You can request (and are entitled to) a copy of  your file and doctors reports  and even your surveillance videos- simply write a  Freedom Of Information letter , make a copy and sent it to the insurer.

Freedom Of Information Letter sample

Example letter 1 to request copies of workcover documents:

To Whom It May Concern (Insurer/ Claims Manager / etc)
Under the Freedom Of Information, Section 107 of the Accident Compensation Act. I hereby request my file unabridged and complete. I request all notes on computer file, notebook or note pad. I request  all photography and surveillance notes – still video –all audio recordings, connected to my file, not just audio file of myself, but all audio file where my claim is the main topic of discussion. Please send this as soon as possible to ( Legal Firms name and address,
or G.P. name and address )
Claim name and number.

Example  letter 2:

To Whom It May Concern ( Insurer / Claims Manager / etc )
Under the Freedom Of Information,  Section 107  of the Accident Compensation Act, I hereby request that you please send the report by (Dr  …………..)    which I attended for a review on
the ( date) Please send this assessment as soon as possible to my treating doctor (Dr …………). or legal firms name and address.
Claim name and number.

read more about the FoI Act


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some injured person
Interesting you’d say that, Bandy, I keep getting the run around every time I ask for records. On more than 1 occasion I was explicitly told that certain X record(s) did NOT exist, although those very same records X had been sent to the Medical Panel. It was only when I told them that I would sue them for apparent making up fraudulent documents (as they were clearly sent to the Medical Panel) that they instantly gave me a copy stating their usual “bullshit excuse” that “it had been an oversight” and that the documents were located in a a… Read more »
I have been told “off the record” that  all government departments will try to stymie your requests unless you are very persistent ie after six or seven requests and only then will they release the SPECIFIC records you requested Another case of “be careful what you ask for” Just bombard these rock apes with enough paperwork to jam their system down ie requests for acknowledgement of receipt of  previous correspondence,whatever you like, be creative but never threatening   A good idea is to have stamps and pre addressed envelopes at the ready to keep these fools engaged Oh and keep… Read more »


> I have been told “off the record” that all government departments will try to stymie your requests unless you are very persistent

This is an open secret. Have a read of this for example:

As for:

> Oh and keep a diary and if possible send via registered post to keep the buggers honest

This is an absolute must as they will claim they never received it otherwise. This is another common stalling tactic.

You could always delivery electronically (email or fax) for anything that doesn’t require payment.


Indeed, you have to be very persistent. They will fight every move to give you access.

However (and I’m kidding here), you could just walk in and see your file notes strewn around. See this report from 26 May 2011 from the Ombudsman

Make sure you also get a copy of all email to and from the insurer and WorkCover.