On being on WorkCover

I don’t know if your heart will allow you to, if you will, please allow yourself to open your mouth or eyes to see all those around you that are suffering a work injury,  but try…

What it’s like to be on WorkCover? And how we feel…

Some of us have heavy hearts and our head need hands to hold them up as they have being lowered so many, many times.

Many of us are wounded and physically unable to stand but we are understood by the rest of those who understand and can sympathise when all we need is a word of hope and compassion.
Say hi to those who went to work one morning to earn a living , just like you, but got wounded instead, and who are now isolated, betrayed and have been kept waiting for years… some for many years.
We feel like our lives have become a waiting game without much support.
We have been in a waiting game that causes shame and blame to lives that are already suffering with pain.
We feel like the forgotten lost in battle and no matter how we explain the state of our circumstances  it’s as if our information is written in a different language.
We wish you could comprehend without the need to offend us or our need to defend the truth about our injuries.
We communicate but there is no one who will contemplate the fact that we have rights in this society and that we are entitled and legally owed justice.
Our struggles are about justice and our rights to have a better quality of life …better than we are offered.
We are referred and passed on to other services and agencies that place us often in even more difficulty, leaving us to struggle.
Yes, we have become victims of a system that has a policy of denial making us into rivals at odds without an end in sights.
Say hello. We are not unlike a soldier with weapons to fight in a war against injustice. Our fight is for access to a better life and justice. We fight for a better way and for respect to rise above poverty. All we have are our words and we hope we will be heard and believed.
Our war is psychological and financial as we fight for the lives of our families and ourselves. It’s a fight that gets placed under scrutiny and alleged assumptions that condemn rather than complementst the possibility that we are humans.
We are placed on trial and there isn’t any one you can rely on to promote reasonable communication to allow for accommodation or compassion.
Wounded on our jobs, we lose all that we had and are left without the ability of any earning potential in a stalemate with those who were supposed to protect us.
Some of us will never be able to be self-sufficient, ever, without assistance or the courage to fight for our rights to be heard.
Say hi to  a work  injured person. No-one knows how we could survive amidst all the alliances that oppose and have imposed the stresses of life upon us.
It’s like being continually on life support.
Many of us still have unfulfilled dreams and families that are left bewildered and sad. We will lament over the opportunities that we might have had and the chances for a better quality of life that we have lost as a consequence of our injuries.
These are the facts that are the complexities of our lives – a life that was and will never be coming back.
It’s never about being compensated for being injured; it’s always about explanations that lead to frustrations in our lives not being  taken seriously as we fight for our survival. We need a chance to be affirmed as worthy of being accepted and not rejected by prejudice; we hope for collaboration rather than frustrations.
We have had to be strong among the wrongs that complicate our lives.
Our victory is about refusing to give up and staying in the fight!
Yep, feeling pretty depressed today… how about you?

2 Responses to “On being on WorkCover”

  1. I now I should not let them get at me – but I will tell you what – a few days ago I had a massive nervous breakdown on the phone with these morons, and I insulted them that bad they told me “they would terminate the call”, which they did. They lied to me so badly for some stupidity that is costing them now an arm and a leg: 2 emergency consults with the shrink, additional medication, 2 sessions with the psychologist and they received a formal complaint from the -shocked- WorkSafe, and were served a total restraining order to ever contact me again via email or phone. My shrink faxed a letter to them stating that they were seriously compromising my PTSD and depression in the manner they are conduction matters relating to my claim and all correspondence will from now be opened in the presence of the shrink or the psychologist. These people will stop at nothing. Their job is to destroy you so that you abandon (parts of) your claim. And in a way they win because they can stick for example their taxi travel up their fat arses, I rather crawl to my appointments than have to deal with this kind of shit and IME after IME after IME…. Maybe I just have an exceptionally nasty case manager because I have been in the system for 7 years an never experience anything like this.

  2. You need to keep your head held high.

    Do not allow these morally corrupt people get you down.